Monday, July 26, 2010

Backpack with Will-J - Father Dyer/Crystal Peak

We took another short backpack with Will-J, this time to the Crystal Creek basin in the Tenmile Range. Photos here. You can Jeep there, but we took the Wheeler Trail and then about a mile on the road. Before going up there, Catherine worked at her Cucumber Gulch field sites and I took Will-J on the new Breckenridge gondola:

This was a fun moment with Will-J. He hopped onto this wondrous new thing to ride, but then realized he was stuck and what was it going to do, exactly? It started to move faster, and he had a look of combination wonder/fear/joy/excitement. Then he realized it was just a fun thing that takes you through the sky, and he laughed/squealed for the next 20 minutes. Big fun.

At Crystal Lake, we met some folks who had Jeeped up there for the day, and Will-J met a new friend, Darien:

Interesting how he pouted and fumed about walking in to the lake, but he then spent two hours running all over with this other boy.

In the morning I tried another little tour from the Colorado Scrambles book. This one was up a ridge of Father Dyer Peak:

Then over to Crystal Peak:

This one was relaxing/easy, despite the high elevations (Crystal is 13,8-something). The ridge up Father Dyer is generously rated Class 3; I would have said more like 2+. But I was feeling slow and it was a good way to wake the legs. Plus I had the mountain to myself - no one putting on a show like the last scramble.

And it always seems like when you get up high there's another interesting-looking peak for another day. In this case it was Pacific Peak:

When I got up to Father Dyer, there were some people over there whooping/yelling. As usual in Colorado, too many mountains and too little time.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swordfighting in Boulder

Yes I worry as a parent. Am I doing the right thing? Am I raising Will-J to be a happy, healthy boy? And so I end up reading a lot of parenting guidance, observing other parents, etc.

Then I go running in Boulder today, and I see not one but two summer camp groups of kids doing play swordfighting. The one group appeared to give each kid one long padded sword, while the other opted for the more sophisticated approach of two swords - one long and one short.

Swordfighting? Parents trying to raise their kids as D&D geeks? Parents concerned about the coming end-days - like that movie Book of Eli - where people have to fight with swords?

I find it very weird.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A few other photos:

The Edmonton Sustainable Resource Development office has these out front:

Combination law office, internet cafe, and vodka bar? All right!