Sunday, December 18, 2011


At a trial training program in Atlanta last week. Certainly not much time to see the city – the class is like a lot of things where the more you commit, the more you get out of the experience. So I decided I’d go for it and learn – and there was a lot for me to learn, certainly.

The first few days were warm/rainy/foggy. We never get weather like that in Denver, and I wasn’t working outside, so it was very nice to sit out on the hotel balcony and feel that humidity/listen to the rain.

The program had lawyers from at least 30 states (!), and I’ve never felt quite so Coloradan. You sit down with a lawyer from New Jersey and say, “Parking? Well I usually ride my bike to work.” And he looks at you, and there’s silence - and yes, there’s a cultural gap there.

What else about ATL? Not a lot. Like a lot of places, the food is generally better than Denver. Really it was a lot of time inside – I did manage to spend some quality time (?) on the treadmill. Yes, our Chile trip is in three weeks – and no, I’m in no kind of shape to climb a big volcano.

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