Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Generous Servings (closed)

Will-J observed that the windows at Generous Servings are covered in paper.  After some discussion, he understood this to mean no more good butter-tasting poppy seed muffins – not just today but forever (!).  Despite Will-J’s love, we never quite understood that place.  It had fine coffee, but really no place to sit (inside) and enjoy it.  It had a beautiful commercial kitchen, but said kitchen was dedicated to cooking classes, and later a sideline dessert/snack après-dinner place.  But the après-dinner place was too small to be comfortable for the couples who would presumably enjoy such a place.  Service in the coffee shop used to be problematic, but improved over time

This opens the door to the ultimate Highlands coffee-snob place (catering of course to me).  First, Peaberry’s closed.  While the coffee was bad, it had a great heated outdoor seating area.  Now Generous Servings is gone, only somewhat offset by the fine biscuit/strong coffee place occupying Basil Docs (also loved by Will-J), but only in the morning, and also with no good place to sit/enjoy.  St. Marks needs to open a Denver-west place, please.  Or maybe a Denver branch for The Cup, The Laughing Goat, Café Sole, Brewing Market, Vic’s, etc. – who will take up the cause, Boulder coffee entrepreneurs?

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