Sunday, March 18, 2012

Deckers/South Platte overnight

While Northern Arizona is finally getting a winter, we're locked into early spring.  We headed for Deckers and the USFS Platte River campground:

Long Scraggy Peak:

Will-J in his environment:

Deckers even has a nice playground: 

Although good luck following all the rules:

I've written about this type of sign before - you have to be careful about listing all those prohibited activities because somebody's going to think that everything else is permitted.  Here's another good one.  That little park certainly looks like a good place for someone to practice his/her highly-amplified guitar solos, and I don't see how that would be hazardous to anyone.  Maybe they'll have to amend the sign to prohibit that, too.  Although certainly this sign isn't as silly as the nature-disclaimers I've seen.  

It was chilly in the morning of course, but "chilly" like we should be experiencing in mid-May, not mid-March.  Then on Sunday we headed north past the Colorado Trail crossing I hadn't been for a few years.  I'm hoping snow, but it looks like we're set into this warmth for the next few weeks. 

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