Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Canon - A1300 HD

I take a lot of my photos using a Canon point-and-shoot - laugh if you want, but I've published a few photos, and even got a fancy fly rod from Trout Unlimited (that I promptly gave to someone who knew how to fly fish) for a few shots.  I've finally moved to a fancier G10 for our Nat. Geo. grant trip and doing plant photos for Catherine.

I noticed that my current model - the A1100 IS - was producing blurry pictures lately, so I moved to a newer version, the A1300 HD.  Obviously the big improvement is the HD video - moving to 16 MP camera from a 12.1 camera doesn't matter too much given the small sensors.  I'm pleased - the new one is smaller, lighter, and easier to use (has the same menu system as the G10).  Here's an atrocious photo of the two taken with the G10: 

Note the finish on the A1100 has worn off from sitting in my backpack too long - no wonder it's out of whack.  Of course the A1300 model that I find so impressive is of course 2-3 years behind what's actually going on (still thinking of the kids in China laughing at my camera like I was carrying a Brownie around).  Plus I can't justify spending much more on a camera considering how I treat them - one of my previous cameras (actually an HP) died when I accidentally dumped it into a creek during an early trip recorded here for posterity (?) at Heavy Hiking.    

Now then, the question is - what will I be taking photos of this year?  It could be interesting.

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