Saturday, May 5, 2012


I was in Boy Scouts with a kid named DiPasquale.  I think I was in seventh grade.  He came on a camping overnight to Wisconsin with "Licensed to Ill," and a little tape player with a speaker.  He started playing it on the bus, and we were all pretty amazed - what is that sound?  That's amazing!  One of the leaders came back to take it away - no way we were having that crazy devil music on the bus.  Someone else hid the tape player and finally the leader gave up.

After we set up camp, the leaders were gone, and we played it again.  And again, that's amazing!  We hadn't heard anything like that before.  Like Rick Rubin says, the Beastie Boys opened hip-hop music up to the 'burbs - not a lot of Grandmaster Flash in Des Plaines, Illinois.  Those guys were saying just how we felt.  We acted like idiots for the next two days - clowning around, fighting each other, yelling at the girls in the next camp.

It's strange to think that MCA/Adam Yauch is gone.  He was part of the sound of youth - for so many people.    

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