Sunday, June 10, 2012

Green Chile: in search of the perfect breakfast burrito (other than Santiago's)

I've written here before about my Santiago's green chile breakfast burrito addiction.  And there was a time when we were going to try many/most of the (inexpensive) Westword Best of Denver restaurants.  With the release of Westword Best of Denver 2012, why not use it as a guide for a narrower quest to find a better breakfast burrito?

It hasn't happened (yet).  Our experiences so far:

-Araujo's Restaurant.  Westword's "Best Breakfast Under $2."  It's close to home, and temptingly adjacent to the Federal Santiago's branch.  The sell here is the burritos are $1.50 ($.50 less than Santiago's).  The green chile is nearly as hot, but lacks the profundity and flavor of Santiago's.

-Big Mama's.  Westword's "Best Breakfast Burrito - To Go."  The 44th Avenue location is a tiny red wagon way out towards Kipling.  I got there right at 6 AM (yet another joy of parenting is having a little personal trainer getting me up at dawn to start the day - every day).  The burritos cost a little more ($3.50 or so), but are larger than the standard Santiago's.  Unfortunately, much of that bulk is made up of potatoes with an odd consistency.  Catherine compared it to dehydrated potatoes.  Also, the green chile was just only average.

-Tia Maria.  Westword's "Best Green Chile."  Best green chile!?  We had their green chile on eat-in humongous breakfast burritos.  The best?  It was certainly homemade, had profundity and good flavor, but I still found it lacking to Santiago's for both flavor and fire.  However, if you were looking for green chile as an accompaniment/sauce rather than an overwhelming experience, this could be your spot.  We will return to this restaurant to branch out into other dishes.

Still to come:

-Los Trompitos.  Westword's "Best Breakfast Burrito - Eat In."  But I have to drive all the way down to Aurora.  

-Also we need to compare La Loma, which is indisputably fantastic.

Also I've been enjoying an entire web site dedicated to Denver Green Chil(i).  Here I can learn more about the Mosco pepper, find stands to buy roasted peppers, get recipes, etc.  Also they've reprinted the definitive 2009 Westword column of the best Denver green chile spots - back from the Jason Sheehan heyday.  Who garners the top spot?  Santiago's.

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David Scott said...

A breakfast burrito isn't a breakfast burrito, unless is is drenched in real New Mexico Red or Green Chili! It helps if you get the best.