Friday, June 29, 2012

Hike: Bre, Monte Boglia

When we hiked up Monte Bre, it seemed only natural to come back to try Monte Boglia - it's right next to Monte Bre, it's quite a bit taller (1516 meters), and there's even a city bus up to Bre village.  What's not to like?  Nothing, except for the bare-bones bus schedule on a "festivi" day (the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul) - when I got back to Bre village, a return bus wasn't scheduled two hours, so I hiked back down to Lugano from Monte Bre.

A few photos here (but it was extremely hazy).

Another professor told Catherine today that it's much hotter than average - I'm glad to hear this, as we've been sweating up a storm since we got here.  Although it's nothing compared to the heat wave back home.  100 degrees or more for five days - yikes.  

Now here's something that reminds me of home - a Swiss range gate:

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