Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hong Kong Barbecue

I was just writing about the Westword "Best of Denver" restaurants.  One place we (finally) found is Hong Kong Barbecue.  It really is good.  And I'll go further and agree with Westword that it really is the best Chinese food in Denver.  Okay, I'll go even further and say that it's as good or better than anything I had when I lived in...  No, I can't go that far - it isn't better than anything I had when I lived in China.  But like it said, it really is good.  Homemade beef soup with meals?  We couldn't believe it.  More:

-It's right next to Ba Le Sandwiches (which I've written about a few times here),  Star Kitchen Dim Sum, and several other fine restaurants.  We were surprised to find our favorite new Chinese food restaurant right next to our favorite banh mi place - all this time we never knew.  Also, the intersection of South Federal and West Mississippi streets is the odd, but somehow fitting, highest density of good food in Denver.

-I've complained about Yelp here.  And of course, "De gustibus non est disputandum."  But how can you give this place two or three stars?  Especially considering it's in Denver?  Phooey.    

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