Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hike: Monte Generoso

We're starting our weekend trips with baby steps - today to nearby Monte Generoso.  We took a local train to Capolago, and then changed to the cog railway (the Ferrovia Monte Generoso) up the mountain:

I was paranoid that it would be crowded given the heat, but the heat was defeated by the heavy haze - people knew there wouldn't be views and went to the beach instead.

A few photos here.

We hiked around the summit for a few hours.  Generoso is only 1701 meters, but has surprising exposure on even the simple trails to neighboring little summits.  Every American who comes to Switzerland says this - the trails aren't that long - but dang they are steep.

A few more photos:

(Will-J discovers the high-altitude foosball table - reminds me of Parinacota a little)

(that's an ibex, right?)

(tired boy on the train ride down)

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