Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hike: Lugano, Bre, Monte Bre

This morning a helicopter carried a car past our apartment: 

(Monte San Salvatore in the background)

We took it as a sign to do another hike, this time to Monte Bre (which is 925 meters to San Salvatore's 912 meters).  A few more photos here.  

This hill has a funicular on it as well, but hey if we hiked 2,000 feet up San Salvatore, we could hike 2,100 feet up Bre.  The climb wasn't as scenic - mainly stair climbing through a well-to-do residential area.  But the views certainly were nice: 

(the town of Bre Villagio, in front of Monte Boglia, along with yet more stone/concrete steps)

We found a better way down from the top - I really need to find a hiking map of the area.

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