Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stuff about Switzerland 1

It's fine of course to see the sights and absorb the culture, but of course what's really interesting about visiting a new country is trash collection (?).  To wit, my first random sampling of Swiss knowledge:

1.  I wondered how long it would be before I saw Him.  The answer - not long at all.  Here He is simultaneously smiling at our fair city of Lugano and approving of an erstwhile business deal:

2.  They have really elaborate trash and recycling processes.  All trash has to go into special black bags, tied, and delivered into a tidy dumpster that's nicer inside than my closet back home.  Recycling goes into interesting  modernistic sculptures:

 The stuff goes underground into an underground bin (Catherine theorized at first that it all goes via conveyor to a central location).  I still don't understand how they get it back out - CHECK BACK SOON.

3.  Don't leave your children unattended when they're swimming:

4.  Truth in advertising:

5.  What comes out of the coffee machine for only 0.10 ch?  It must be something, right?  I know about hot water (acqua calda), but what's a "bicchiere?"  It sounds delicious!

Travel tip: "bicchiere" means "cup."  Here is Will-J making fun of me for getting nothing but a cup:

6.  There's a great train that goes from Lugano to Ponte Tresa - it goes right by our apartment.  It looks disarmingly silly with the little smile they put on it:

But it's actually larger and more useful  than the Denver light rail train.  Plus it's been running for 100 years, as opposed to the light rail, which will never be finished.  Will-J on the train:

Travel tip: kids love trains.

7.  Just because you're on a hiking route, doesn't mean that you're on the hiking route you're looking for, or even that you're going anywhere close to the right way:

Plus, the same trail can be more than one trail - look, the hike we did today is actually not one, but two long distance trails, plus a Lago di Lugano circuit route:

8.  Swiss law requires you to be quiet after 10 p.m. - no partying allowed.  Residents get even by hopping on their incredibly loud two-stroke motorcycles/scooters, and driving around all night.  I'd rather live above a nightclub than live permanently with that racket.

9.  Speaking of cars, this is more of a Lugano thing than a Swiss thing, but it's like living in a luxury car show.  We sat out on our little balcony at dinner and saw about five Porsche Panameras (especially popular), a few Bentleys, Maserattis, etc.  My favorite was the BMW E61 M5 Touring - for the person who needs a 175 mph station wagon.  I was wondering what I'd see of the exploding Euro economy when I got here - the answer in Lugano is that business is good, very good.

10.  I mean, is there anything more romantic than this?

Bonus number 11.  Hiking boots only.

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