Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stuff about Switzerland 3

1.  Italy beat Germany tonight in the Euro 2012 - people are driving around shouting and honking.  This may be Switzerland, but the Italian influence is strong - from food to language to culture.

2.  I'd like to say this is where we're staying:

But it's not.

3.  Here's the most important sign we've seen so far:

One of our five-year-old's great passions in life is swimming - especially when it's hot, as it has been.  He looks at the lake, he sees the cool water, and he wants to swim in the lake.  But he can't - for a lake with endless shoreline, it's surprisingly difficult to find a place to swim.  But today in Agno, we found the public beach, our boy swam to his heart's content, and all was right with the world.  It's a few blocks from the friendly red train, there's a snack cart, and the playground even has a zip-line suitable for a little boy.

(the red circle around the activity means you can't do it - no camping, for example)

4.  Friday starts the big Long Lake music festival in town, and the lakefront was lined with balloons to celebrate:

Within a few hours, kids had carried most of them off.

5.  SOLVED!  (in only three days!)  Here is the crane that lifts the underground trash containers out of the ground:

The operator was pretty bemused as we stood taking pictures of his trash truck.

6.  The endless Lugano car show continues.  I saw a McLaren today, and either the same baby-blue convertible Bentley twice, or there are two baby-blue convertible Bentleys in Lugano.  And this fine Ferarri FF:

You know it's a special car when the locals are caught staring, too.  Yes, it's four wheel drive.  Yes, it costs substantially more than my house in Denver.  We saw this bad boy outside the outdoor gear shop; maybe he's picking up some freeze-dried food on the way to the mountains.

On the other hand of the spectrum, did you know there was a Smart Roadster?  Me neither:

Yours for only $10,000 (used - they don't make 'em anymore).

Oh, and I just love the bubble-scooters - here's the BMW version:

7.  Agno is the flip side of Lugano.  While Lugano is exclusive stores, posh restaurants, and high-end banks, Agno is the Aldi-Swiss and caravan parks.  In Lugano, you see women and men who literally look as if they've stepped off a fashion shoot.  In Agno, you see a lot of sun-worshiping retirees.  Agno is as pleasant and relaxed as Lugano is dialed and upscale.  Both are on the lake.  We're fortunate to be staying about equidistant between the two.

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