Sunday, July 8, 2012


We camped in Andermatt on Saturday night - it was the first day we've been here without haze or rain:

Apparently now I need to watch Goldfinger again.  The campground is right at the edge of town:

And immediately across the road from the Gemsstock tram, which goes all the way up over 2900 meters, but wasn't running. 

I hiked the "Urschner Hohenweg" trail up to get better views of the mountains:

I was only hiking the lower-elevation tail end of the trail - it starts up on Furka Pass - this site has some fine photos of the area.

It's our first real mountain town of the trip, and also first town suffering from tourist overload - people were herding on and off buses and the Glacier Express train:

However, by early afternoon the groups were gone, and the town quieted down.  The campground was populated with guys long-distance bike and motorcycle touring; we spent the evening talking to an expat who is riding for 12 days across Switzerland and France.  He said it had rained every day so far, and sure enough by morning it was raining again.  

I'm really not sure what to say about this photo:

(It's a plumber's truck.  But really?) 

And here's Will-J relaxing on the ride home:

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