Friday, July 6, 2012

Hike: Monte San Giorgio

We got away for a few hours to hike up Monte San Giorgio:

(there's a refugio at the top)

(Monte San Salvatore to the north)

(looking over to Monte Generoso)

We didn't have time to see the fossil museum in Meride, and instead went up the (very steep) trail from Capolago/Riva San Vitale.  It was hot and muggy on the way up, and then the weather changed completely - we made it back to the train before it started raining sheets the rest of the day.  A few more photos here.

We stopped in Riva San Vitale to visit the Tempio di Santa Croce (Temple to the Holy Cross):

Just another spectacular church from the late 1500's, with contemporaneous oil paintings.  Props to the locals for having info. booklets in English so we could actually understand a bit about the place.

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