Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stuff about Switzerland 6

1.  They don't have (much) background music here.  You go to the coffee shop, and it's quiet.  So is the grocery store.  And most restaurants.  I like it - it's a nice change of pace.  It's not like Switzerland is quiet - people blast music out of their cars, kids bring speakers to the beach, etc.  So the silence of commercial/public spaces doesn't seem strange, just a little calmer and less pressured.

2.  The churches are pretty amazing - and they're everywhere.  The little church on our hill - Oratorio de Santa Maria Assunta - was apparently built in the 1600's:

Then a quarter-mile away there's another hill, and another church, with comparably impressive art - and then another quarter-mile, and another hill, etc. all across Ticino.

3.  Cancellara is Swiss, too.  He won the prologue at the Tour de France yesterday:

He dominated the sports section this morning.  I think the headline translates as - "The return of the true Spartacus" (his nickname).  Which is also true - he's a consistently incredible rider, with his recent injury only a brief pause from form.

3.  Oh, I finally got a few FART photos:

But Locarno is so relaxed and pretty that it wasn't very funny.  They just call their bus/train the FART and it means "ride" in German - by the way, have you seen how pretty our beaches and cobbled plazas are?  Or that we have hydrofoil ferries?  Why not have a glass of wine by the lake and put your FART jokes aside, American traveler.  And so we had a pleasant afternoon in Locarno.

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