Friday, July 6, 2012

Stuff about Switzerland 7 (obligatory chocolate and cheese post)

1.  We thought the Alpenrose chocolate factory was ho-hum, but the little tastes in the store were nice:

They had giant 2 kilogram bags of chocolate bars for $15.  It seemed like a good idea (especially as Catherine views chocolate as a food group), and the bag sat in the kitchen for a few days.  Then we opened one.  Now that is some excellent chocolate.  Fine consistency, subtle flavors.  Now I learn that bars go for $3-4 in the States.  In short, we'll be back to the factory.

2.  I'm not really a cheese person, but it's a fraction of the cost here as in the U.S. (more on that below).  We're enjoying trying types we don't know - plus we're learning that even the types we think we know, we don't (you know, like Montaigne).  For example, Italian Fontina is some powerful stuff, very different than Dutch Fontina.

3.  Yet more cars - here's a Lugano used car lot:

That's a Maserati GranTurismo in front, then an Aston Martin DB9, and then a boring old M3.  The M3 is a relative bargain at the low, low price of $65,000.

By the way, the cheapest gas I've seen is $6.50 a gallon.  Not that you're worrying too much about that if you're driving one of these, but still.

4.  Food here comes with two dates - a sell by and an eat by.  This didn't make sense to me until I reviewed the too-complicated USDA food product dating rules.

5.  Will-J observing preparations for a kids show at the big LongLake music festival:

6.  Lugano apparently has a case of the "blablabla's:"

7.  I may have mentioned that it's pretty here.  I know I can't do it justice, but here are a few photos from the neighborhood this morning:

8.  We were thinking briefly about the differences between Europe and the U.S.  Then we remembered there's no need - Jules and Vincent summarized them years ago.

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