Thursday, August 9, 2012

PCT hike - Boulder - Stuff

-On Friday I head to Portland to catch up with Catherine at the ESA meeting, do a few social things (related to her/our sabbatical), and then head off for some time on the Pacific Crest Trail.  When I made it out there to hike for nine days in 2010, I thought about finishing the trail before I turned forty, but I'm not necessarily bent on doing it on this trip (especially with two fires out there).

-It seems I can never stay away from Boulder, although it also never seems to go that well (here's the before; and here's the after).  A few days ago, I got away for a few hours to run the Walker Ranch Loop.  A fun side effect of overdoing it on the Haute Route is the recovery fitness - I don't know how many more times in this life I'll get to say that a 7 1/2 mile trail run is easy.

Boulder, as always, is Boulder.  I've been going to Vic's since the 90's (here's a post on my BOULDER FOUR PACK written at the SoBo location), but never again - after I asked a few questions about the mystery/secret price increases, the rude barista asked/demanded to give my money back, and away I Caffe Sole (Boulder traffic is too bad for me to venture north of Baseline), which has been converted into a semi-wine bar.  A "high-net-worth" investment/life insurance scam consultation sitting next to me, the barista says don't judge her but she just started and doesn't really know how to make a cappuccino, and the climbers apparently don't hang out there anymore.  Sigh.  But I couldn't go back to Eldorado Corner Market because they tore it down and are rebuilding.  Double sigh.

Which in turn reminds me of a thought I had some time ago about Micah True/Caballo Blanco and Boulder coffee shops.  The fine NYT article on his last run mentions that he used to spend time at the Trident.  Which made me wonder if Boulder is the number one place in the world for seeing outdoor-sport athlete celebrities.  For example, on my way to Walker Ranch  I saw Anton Krupicka and his beard running along.  On my way back I saw a Liquigas rider - probably Timmy Duggan, from whom we sublet an apartment during law school (his family kicked us out when he came back from Europe early, so we got to move in a rainstorm right before my finals - but see, we were supporting the new national champion).  I used to see Tyler Hamilton out riding away his personal demons, and later Floyd Landis doing the same (although I would have been truly amazed to see Barry Bonds riding Independence Pass).

-Being away from Denver for a month reminds me just how dynamic a city it is.  The big parking lot next to Fluid Coffee Bar is suddenly a foundation for a big apartment building, the building across from the old Olinger (new Linger) practically sprang from the ground, it seems like overnight the old florist near me on 38th Street became Salvagetti Bikes, the old convenience store on 32nd Street next to La Mexicana Taqueria became Jinji Cycles, etc....

...and I guess I have to say it at some point, I don't write about that topic anymore.  Here's the post where I got the closest to actually saying something.  That was before I got tangentially entangled in the development at 32nd and Lowell, lines were drawn, stereotypes were applied, people were showing up at our Councilwoman's house at night, and somehow the whole thing was lumped in with Occupy.  Maybe I know something about law, but I was certainly naive about the level of emotions surrounding at least some of the new buildings around here.

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