Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mountain Research Station

With Catherine at the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station for a meeting.  Will-J and I went off on a hike to the Rainbow Lakes:

I was thinking that Will-J and I spent some time hiking on Niwot Ridge at the same meeting some years ago, and indeed that's one of the first photo sets I posted to my Flickr account - Will-J was about 1 1/2.  Just look at this little guy.  Yes, time flies.

I'm always happy to go to the research station.  It's in such good condition, always with new projects and energy.  Clearly the University treats the station as an asset rather than a legacy liability, and as always the food was overwhelmingly good.

I was reading a book on the history of the station, and found this guy:

Who knew Indiana Jones worked at CU back then?

Rakish hat, confident stature...and sunglasses.  I'm sure Dr. McCourt had some stories to tell.

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