Saturday, November 17, 2012

iPhone photos (part 1)

Having recently learned that the iPhone can be temperamental/ephemeral, here are some photos I haven't put up before (as well as some stories from along the way):

1.  I took this during my BOULDER FOUR PACK hike back in fall 2010:

2.  I went for a road bike ride and thought it was funny that there's a subdivision named after a quickly-spreading invasive plant:

(although my finger got in the way)

And near Highway 6, I saw this on the same ride:

3.  Will-J and I went to Chicago for my mom's 70th, and the celebration included a ride on a small boat:

And a big one:

These may be some of Will-J's first lasting memories - he still tells me about going up on the deck of the BIG boat late at night and looking out into the surprisingly-serious Lake Michigan fog.  I told him that those distant lights were in Wisconsin, and he remembers that, too.

4.  Last December, my previous employer sent me to a trial training class in Atlanta, where I stayed at the surprisingly-seedy CNN center.  That's the Georgia Dome:

A view from the hotel when it wasn't raining:

The CNN center:

5.  It's good to see that they're keeping busy:

(Look, Wang Chung even has a blog).

6.  There was some good skiing last year.  One day in February I was at Copper and ended up in the right place at the right time - the patrol dropped the rope on Shaeffer's (or Iron Mask?) for the first time all season, and I was making tracks again and again in some very special conditions.  I also saw this edifying avalanche:

7.  From the Department of Redundancy Department:

8.  I bought a big box of udon noodle packets.  After about a year, I still have four or six left - it wasn't the best idea.

9.  Will-J got very into the Lizards and Snakes exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science:

Here he is enjoying the "Snake Hunt" performance for maybe the tenth time.  He eventually learned it by heart, and would anticipate/act out each step of the show Rocky Horror Picture Show-style.

10.  And here are a few shots of the crowd at our Derby Day/Cinco de Mayo/Will-J's Fifth Birthday party, all enjoying the musicians singing to our son:

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