Saturday, November 17, 2012

iPhone photos (part 3)

Having recently learned that the iPhone can be temperamental/ephemeral, here are some photos I haven't put up before (as well as some stories from along the way):

(And here's part 1). (And here's part 2).

26.  Times are tough all over.  I saw this place on the way to work for years, and never saw a client go in.

27.  For me, this sums up the 2012 presidential election:

28.  For about a month and a half, I worked high up in Republic Plaza.  I never saw anyone on that track, or playing tennis:

29.  I made a sweet potato flatbread.  Catherine wanted me to make it.  I didn't think the sweet potatoes would cook through.  They did, and it was delicious.

30.  The Cash Register Building, aka Wells Fargo Center, really is strange.  When I was working at said job in the Republic Plaza, some guys would go out and mess around on the window washing crane every few days.  Look, the "cash register" or "mail box" part of the building doesn't actually fit the building - see the little indents on each side:

31.  Epic AND Core?  EPICOR!

32.  Will-J saw a Ferrari in Switzerland and fell in love.  It remains his favorite car, and the object of his desires.  All cars are measured up to the beautiful Ferrari as follows: "Dada, is that car as fast as a FERRARI?"  Here I am taking a photo of another Ferrari for Will-J on Highway 6:

33.  At Fluid Coffee Bar one morning:

34.  I've never been in a building under lockdown before, but the other day I was.  It wasn't very exciting - they never got to our floor to evacuate us, and in the end they got the wrong guy.  I took a bunch of photos of (closed) Broadway, all of which are unimpressive:

35.  Don't you just hate being the one awkwardly-inflexible guy in yoga?  How about being the awkwardly-inflexible yoga guy immortalized in a real estate billboard?

(more later)

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