Thursday, December 20, 2012

Diving board (more joys of parenting)

Closure is nice.  I was wondering how I would feel about leaving Denver for six months, and not really getting a good mental summary.  Will-J had been asking to go to "M-Pool," and off we went.

M-Pool is the Golden Community Center.  I've been taking him there since he was two.  He calls it M-Pool because of the big lighted "M" (for School of Mines) on Lookout Mountain looming over the Community Center.  I used to pack him into the bike trailer and head all the way out to Golden - he slept and I rode.  

Will-J has gone from carefully-supervised splashing around the zero-entry kiddie area, barely able to stand, to performing dozens of unbroken laps on the waterslide.  At five, he acts like he owns the place.  So I suggested the diving board.  

He paused.  The diving board?  Yes, he will try the diving board.  I didn't think he'd really do it.  I went first, and waited below.  There was no one in the big pool except me and one guy swimming laps.  The drop is as big as he is tall - bigger.  He waited.  He ran back from the edge and got off.  We started to go back to the little pool, and he announced he wanted to try again.  

Again, I went first.  He went to the edge and told me to count to ten.  The lifeguard looked amused.  I counted to ten.  At ten, he made a nervous face and jumped.  My heart skipped a beat as he disappeared underwater for a second.  Then he was on the surface and dog-paddling back to the edge.  

He went again, and again.  Soon, he was doing spins.  My little boy can swim.  I was seeing him simultaneously at two and at five - he's grown up so much.  I was seeing myself circa 1980 at the Lattof YMCA with my dad waiting in the pool while his nervous son decided whether or not he was going to jump (if I remember correctly, I was a lot more hesitant than Will-J was).

And I think that's a good enough mental summary for now - I should have known it would have come from him. 

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