Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stuff about NZ 2

A few photos from days 1-2:

-Will-J at the Denver airport.

-The big plane in San Francisco (through the glass sun-coating)

There, we had the following discussion:

Air New Zealand Representative: "You have to show me the receipt for your bags - otherwise we have to charge you again.  And Air New Zealand will charge you at least double what you paid to United."

Me: "I don't think I have the receipt.  We didn't save it."

ANZR: "Well I didn't make the rules - you have to pay."

Me: "Well I can't follow the rules if I don't know what they are."

ANZR: [puzzled silence]

(During the confusion, I backed away with our boarding passes, and nothing more was said about the bag fees.)

-Will-J getting ready to cross the Pacific:

I've written about what a good traveler he is - he slept 7-8 hours of the 12-hour flight.  No worries.

-We saw the All Blacks airplane:

-The first thing he wanted to do at our new house was sit down with some books for an hour or so:

-Up on Signal Hill:

The two big sculptures are called "History" and "The Thread of Life."  I think he's "History."

-Will-J showing off his new raingear:

-Signal Hill view of Otago Harbour:

We were picked up from the airport by Ross and Carolyn, who were extremely generous with their time on a busy Boxing Day.  They took us all around down, filled us in with some of the local details, and took us for groceries.  What a huge help.  Their son offered Will-J this fine (but false-colored) frill-necked lizard from his personal collection:

-Will-J hiking down to down from our new place:

-Morning on Pine Hill:

-On our walk this morning, we came across this extremely slippery rubberized stretch of sidewalk.  Seems like an odd choice for a place that's wet much of the time.

-Dunedin Botanic Garden:

-University of Otago:

-Relaxing at the coffee shop, George Street:

-Found a Colorado Rockies hat displayed in a shop window (?):

-Otago Museum is really impressive.  RIDING AN ALLIGATOR:


-New friend:

-Not-as-impressive elaborate bike cockpit:

-The big adjustment so far is with daylight hours.  We're coming from Colorado winter days of dawn at 7 and dusk at 5; suddenly we're getting dawn at 5:30 and dusk at 9:30.  

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