Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stuff about NZ 3

Look, a photo:

(Robert Burns and city hall)

This is where I am sitting in the Octagon (not the UFC cage, but the center of Dunedin).  Internet has been a pain so far - most of the coffee shops don't have it, and the library's is down for the last few days.  My new camera makes giant files, which are great except when it takes five minutes to load one while sitting outside at the Octagon.  This weekend we're doing the tourist thing in Dunedin - the Settlers Museum, Chinese Gardens, etc.  Rain this morning, but brightening now.

I suppose I should mention the ozone depletion/UV issue.  We were warned repeatedly that the sun is very intense here, and that we need to stay covered up all the time.  I figured well I live at over 5,000 feet and surely the sun is just as intense there, etc.  Wrong - Will-J and I were at the park in a brief opening of sun and were both pink the next day.  Now that's intense.

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