Monday, December 17, 2012

Truck sighting (Isuzu Hombre)

I was dropping off some mail, and saw a white Isuzu Hombre with matching cap: 

Just like the one I used to have, down to the hubcaps (except this one is an upgraded model, with air conditioning and a real bumper, and also with a nicer cap).  I bought it in Alaska, gave it to a relative after about 120,000 miles, and as far as I know it's still kicking around Idaho.  Instant good memories - a few quick ones:

-Soon after I bought it, I was driving along near Seward before dawn.  Why was I driving along before dawn?  Well, I didn't have a real job and so I was delivering newspapers.  I came around the corner and saw the headlights glisten off a stretch of sheer black ice.  It was too late to do anything about it, and the truck started spinning in slow circles down the highway.  There wasn't anything else to do except for crouch down and tighten my seatbelt.  The truck came to rest with a soft "whumpf" in an icy snowdrift - absolutely no damage, but completely stuck.  I got out of the cab, stepped on the ice, and it was so slick I immediately fell down.  There was my injury from the crash.  I left off delivering newspapers in Alaska.  

-In the summer of 2000 I decided to climb all the California 14-ers.  The approach to Split Mountain is particularly difficult, and involved bouncing down a rough road.  After I climbed the mountain, the Hombre couldn't make it back up the hill.  It was bouncing and jumping around, everything flew out of every cranny of the cab, and it just wouldn't go.  There was no one else out there, and I didn't know what to do.  I ended up turning around and driving back towards the trailhead to see if there was another way out.  There was another road, but it was blocked off by a gate.  I ended up taking the barbed wire fence apart, going around the gate, putting the fence back together, and driving out to Highway 395.  I'm sure the landowners wouldn't have wanted me there, but there was nothing else to do.  After that I was more careful as to what roads I drove with the (2wd) truck.

-I still have a photo someplace of my truck stuck in the sand near Mono Lake.  Maybe I'll try to find it.

Good times - good truck.

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