Saturday, December 1, 2012

Videos from Chile (NGS/Waitt Grant 6)

Something of a time-warp post - back in January we went to Chile to further Catherine's llareta plant research, and now it's nearly a year later and I hadn't done anything with the (shaky, non high-definition) videos I took.

(Brief aside: after four years of having a blog, I feel like I still (a) don't have enough time to write well, and (b) don't know anything about how to write for a blog.  In this case, my description of Catherine's National Geographic/Wait Society grant is mixed up with a useless one-day winter climb near Copper Mountain. [My defense is that no one blogs anymore]).  

A few of the videos are of Catherine describing her research, and she's using them as part of her application for another grant.  Therefore, I'll defer to her on whether to make them public.  Oh, I can't help it - here's the best one.  Actually, I can't decide - this one might be even better.

I also put up a few public videos of us climbing, and one of a massive, high-altitude traffic jam.  They're at my YouTube channel.  

As we approach the end of the year, I am getting dangerously close to writing an awful end-of-year summary post.  Last year, I ended up writing a weird free-form thing at the Miami airport (on the way to Chile) that for some reason (but appropriately) posted as one long paragraph.

If I were to describe this year - and no matter how busy we are, I'll probably do so - it would be the year of a particularly-demarcated life.  In 2012, I spent two weeks in Chile (see above), a month in Switzerland, a month hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, a week and change hiking the Arizona Trail, etc.  In 2012, I also spent the rest of the time doing my typical lawyer work, with most of the people I work not really knowing what I did during the other months of the year.  I don't think this is particularly strange or interesting - many, many people have both a day-job and sideline interests - but this year more than any other was one where both my day-job and "other" life were particularly fulfilling and intense.  I very much enjoyed my work at the Department of Law, am currently enjoying my foray into the document review/temp law world, and of course the trips were incredible (and of course we'll be taking yet another long flight before 2012 is history).  If I were to make a prediction for 2013 (or at least a goal), it would be that the work and the interests come together somewhat.

Another goal is for me to learn how to separate the photo and video functions:

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