Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NZ: Silver Peaks Track/Route

I took a hike to Jubilee Hut, ABC Cave, and the new Philip Cox Hut.  It started out as a short hike just up to Pulpit Rock and the high points, but eventually grew to an 10-hour (largely fun) trek.

The range:

Looking down towards Cave Creek/Jubilee Hut:

Cow traffic jam:

Looking up Yellow Ridge:

A little stormy:

ABC Hut:

I didn't know the word "gorse" prior to coming here - see here.  It's prickly, and it takes over the trail:

Crossing the Waikouati River:

It's a dramatic area shoehorned between the rolling central Otago farm country and the mainly-volcanic coastal hills.  Here's a DOC pamphlet describing the area.  More photos here (I paid for a Flickr account so I suppose I should be using it).  I saw two backpackers who had stayed the night at Juibilee Hut, but otherwise had the place to myself.

From what I can tell the hike up and over the ridge and down the Devil's Staircase to Jubilee Hut is the standard intro hike for the Otago University Tramping Club.  Still not used to the word "tramp" to describe hiking.  For example, this would be the "poor man's tramp" from Dunedin - doesn't sound so good.

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