Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stuff about NZ 4: grab bag

I'm at the library and trying to crash the internet by uploading too much - you know, like a 1080 HD video of the funny-sounding crosswalk signal:

-Not a lot of stop signs around - usually these.  The drivers here are truly crazy.

-Train station downtown:

-Skateboarders - reviled everywhere:


-Speed bumps have an interesting alternate name here:

-I disagree:

-Will-J feeding the ducks at the Botanic Gardens:

-Ironic coffee?  Isn't all overpriced gourmet coffee at least somewhat ironic?

-Great display of old bikes at the Settlers Museum:

-I've been told that the city was laid out in a grid without regard to hills (meaning that the world's steepest street is here).  Some streets just end, replaced with a walkway and grass, and then pick up again when the grade lessens.  Here's Glencarin Street:

-The days are long, and sometimes a boy gets tired.  Here he is taking a nap in an odd position on top of his book:

-Not only does our Toyota Caldina have a tape deck, but it has a wicked awesome EQUALIZER:


-Beautiful green beetle Will-J found:

-Will-J playing with some new friends on the beach:

He really loves the beach, and I have a hard time getting him out of the water before he gets seriously cold.  Maybe all kids are like this, but it sure reminds me of how I was when I was five.

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