Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The joys of parenting: Looper, my trainer, and enjoying things I'm terrible at

-First, from the "things about New Zealand category," they still have video stores here - or at least in Dunedin (I'm also learning that writing about Dunedin as indicative of NZ as a whole would be like writing about Grand Junction as indicative of Colorado as a whole).  I miss video stores.  I can browse a bunch of actual physical movies and see what I've missed - in this case, Looper.

As the parent of a five-year-old, the most unrealistic part of Looper is the scene where we first learn about young Rainmaker's destructive telekinetic powers.  What sets him off?  Multiplication tables, that's what.  Duh!  Obviously Rian Johnson, Emily Blunt or anyone else involved with this movie has absolutely no experience with kids - any actual parent knows that the last thing on earth that you would do with your-easily-agitated-kid-with-dangerous-telekinetic-powers is math.  Never.  The kid would just grow up not knowing how to add.  I have an easier time believing in time-travel than that a mother would be doing math with young Rainmaker.  

-In every city I think the same thing: "Hey they're really late risers here.  Here it is 7 A.M. already and there's no one around."  No, again it's that I have a little personal trainer who likes to get up with the sunlight.  It's great.

-In our first week here Will-J decided that he loves the ocean and makes us go there whenever he can.  So I end up out there with his little boogie board, and I'm trying to figure out how to put him on a wave.  He's watching the real surfers, I'm watching the waves, and slowly I'm learning something.  Then, when I find out the university rents surfboards for $20 a day, I get out there and after ten minutes I'm riding a wave.  Great.  But then I go out without him and feel like the middle-aged dork that I am.  Surfing is a Will-J thing, and if he wants to get into it I'm happy to oblige.

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