Saturday, April 6, 2013

Otago Rally 2013 (pt.2)

With great anticipation Will-J and I attended THE ROCK FM DOWNTOWN SUPERSTAGE 9 of the 2013 Otago Rally.  We spent too long in the pit area and ended up missing most of the cars - the consolation was that we got to see the fun "all-comers" cars as they awkwardly navigated the course.  We posted up at one corner of the course and watched an old Datsun driiiiiiiiiiiiift towards a telephone pole.  The crowd rumbled, the tires caught the pavement, and the Datsun lived to fight another day.

Here's a typical scene - coming around that corner on three wheels = whee!

(I first tried to stick a video here, but wow is Blogger poor at adding videos).  

More photos: 

-The pits were fun.  This some some real weekend warrior racing.  Here's Mr. Fridd and his mates working on his trusty Toyota Starlet:

(terrible white balance photo by me)

-There was a lot of that, but there were also some deluxe pit setups:

-Mr. Green was somewhere in the middle:

-A great Toyota 1200:

-Oooh, and a Mazda RX7.  I absolutely wanted one of these when I was a kid:

-We mentioned this handsome Ford Escort yesterday:

-And I lamented not getting a photo of this fine...Isuzu Gemini?  Maybe that's right:

I couldn't find a version of this fine Gemini commercial without the bad music.

-But this car didn't make it through:

Too bad.

The race was held in a grotty light-industrial wharf area of town.  But not without humor:

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