Thursday, June 13, 2013

I am old and slow - a useful reminder

I went for a run up a fairly large hill.  It was a few thousand feet up, and I plodded along thinking various thoughts - work, to-do items, even a blog post.  Topic: why I can't stand articles like this.  I was listening to the Sound Opinions mid-year best album reviews.

Near the top I passed a guy with a dog.  He was balding a bit (but with some fine facial hair - something like a fu manchu, but more extensive) and wore a puffy black track suit.  His dog looked like a pit bull mix, but so large maybe it was something else.

I stood up there eating a granola bar and staring around.  Snow covered hills to the north and west, and a fast cloud curving over another local hill.  Glorious sun.  The guy arrived after a few minutes.

I said: "Great day for it."

He said: "BABY STEPS FOR A RUNNER, HUH?  PRETTY...."  I didn't catch the last word - I think it was "SLOW," but still head my headphones on and couldn't make it out.

I was immediately out of my head.  What?  I looked at him for some kind of explanation, but he headed off after his dog and I was back alone in the wind.  After a few minutes, I left, too.

What a useful reminder - I laughed half the way down the hill.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dunedin winter, for the record.

[Kathe Tallmadge is an exchange student from Juneau, as interviewed by the Dunedin Star]

“Kathe will return to Juneau next month and is glad to be missing out on most of the Dunedin winter.  Juneau winters are considered warm by Alaskan standards….  Even so, Kathe said Dunedin had ‘a different kind of cold’ which she found unpleasant.”