Thursday, June 13, 2013

I am old and slow - a useful reminder

I went for a run up a fairly large hill.  It was a few thousand feet up, and I plodded along thinking various thoughts - work, to-do items, even a blog post.  Topic: why I can't stand articles like this.  I was listening to the Sound Opinions mid-year best album reviews.

Near the top I passed a guy with a dog.  He was balding a bit (but with some fine facial hair - something like a fu manchu, but more extensive) and wore a puffy black track suit.  His dog looked like a pit bull mix, but so large maybe it was something else.

I stood up there eating a granola bar and staring around.  Snow covered hills to the north and west, and a fast cloud curving over another local hill.  Glorious sun.  The guy arrived after a few minutes.

I said: "Great day for it."

He said: "BABY STEPS FOR A RUNNER, HUH?  PRETTY...."  I didn't catch the last word - I think it was "SLOW," but still head my headphones on and couldn't make it out.

I was immediately out of my head.  What?  I looked at him for some kind of explanation, but he headed off after his dog and I was back alone in the wind.  After a few minutes, I left, too.

What a useful reminder - I laughed half the way down the hill.

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