Saturday, September 28, 2013

HHPF! #13 - Alaska!

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I lived in Alaska in 1997-1998.

These from a backpack in Denali in a general loop over several passes - I have the route written down on a map somewhere and may update this post at some point.  Nadine had been a ranger there, and when we went to get our permit she made wide motions across the map while the rangers made serious faces.  It rained for several days, we nearly were swept away on a few river crossings, and when the sun finally came out, the tourist helicopters buzzed us endlessly.  Grizzly bears everywhere, caribou everywhere, endless blueberries - and I just kept thinking that, hell, we were in the Alaskan front-country:

These are from the winter I lived in Seward:

I have many more photos of Alaska somewhere, but it's unlikely I'd have the time to scan them.

HHPF! #12 - Bishop/Sierras salad days

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In 1999 I moved to Bishop to work at the White Mountain Research Station.  I spent eight days at the Crooked Creek station (10,200 feet), and then had six days off to backpack in the eastern Sierra.  I spent a lot of those days off climbing the California 14-ers and some other peaks.  The first photos are of the mountains, and the remainder from the Station:

(Middle Palisade approach)

(on Middle Pal)

(Mount Abbot, one of my top-10 favorite climbs)

(Mount Langley)

(Looking north from Mount Langley to Mount Whitney)

(Mount Muir)

(Mount Russell summit)

(Mount Williamson)

(Palisades Dusy Basin)

(Split Mountain)

(Starlight Peak)

(Thunderbolt Peak)


HHPF! #11 - PCT 1999 (and 1998)

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I found some old scans from my snowy 1999 PCT hike.  These are all from Kennedy Meadows to Tuolumne Meadows, where I intended to return and keep hiking north after a few weeks.  Of course, life happened instead, and I didn't make it back until 2010.  At the end of the post, I throw in a few photos of my 1998 PCT hike.

The first photo is of my bag at Kennedy Meadows - I hiked the Muir Trail plus the rest of the trail to Tuolumne straight through, and being young and stupid, set out with about an 80-pound bag (note camp chair, natch).  It was early season, and incredibly snowy - postholing up to Forester Pass was one of the most difficult experiences of my life.  I didn't see a person on the trail the entire way except on Mount Whitney.  Even that turned out to be epic, however - it was a snow wallow, and a lightning storm on the way down sent sparks out the tips of my wool gloves.  I learned my lesson(s), and soon moved to the Owens Valley to hike and climb the Sierras properly (see next post).

1998 photos:

Friday, September 27, 2013

HHPF! #10 - Mission Mountains

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A few months before I started this blog, my friend Nick and I went to backpack around the Mission Mountains Wilderness.  After that, we went to Glacier for a few days, watched the Olympics at roadside bars, and visited a few sites that became the germ of Nick's dissertation research:

(the Garden Wall)

Nick and I went on a semester trip to Nepal in 1995, and since then he has popped up at the turning points of my life.  During this trip, he was figuring out his thesis, and I was figuring out my own approach to law and life for the next five years.  This summer, we were supposed to spend a week in the Weminuche Wilderness - my work got in the way and I had to back out.  Hopefully, we can get back out there soon - we have some catching up to do.