Friday, September 27, 2013

HHPF! #10 - Mission Mountains

(HHPF intro here).

A few months before I started this blog, my friend Nick and I went to backpack around the Mission Mountains Wilderness.  After that, we went to Glacier for a few days, watched the Olympics at roadside bars, and visited a few sites that became the germ of Nick's dissertation research:

(the Garden Wall)

Nick and I went on a semester trip to Nepal in 1995, and since then he has popped up at the turning points of my life.  During this trip, he was figuring out his thesis, and I was figuring out my own approach to law and life for the next five years.  This summer, we were supposed to spend a week in the Weminuche Wilderness - my work got in the way and I had to back out.  Hopefully, we can get back out there soon - we have some catching up to do.

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