Saturday, September 28, 2013

HHPF! #13 - Alaska!

(HHPF intro here).

I lived in Alaska in 1997-1998.

These from a backpack in Denali in a general loop over several passes - I have the route written down on a map somewhere and may update this post at some point.  Nadine had been a ranger there, and when we went to get our permit she made wide motions across the map while the rangers made serious faces.  It rained for several days, we nearly were swept away on a few river crossings, and when the sun finally came out, the tourist helicopters buzzed us endlessly.  Grizzly bears everywhere, caribou everywhere, endless blueberries - and I just kept thinking that, hell, we were in the Alaskan front-country:

These are from the winter I lived in Seward:

I have many more photos of Alaska somewhere, but it's unlikely I'd have the time to scan them.

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