Sunday, October 6, 2013

HHPF! #14 - More White Mountain

(HHPF intro here).

My new scans are in - I didn't get enough WMRS from my last post, so here are two more:

I was working up at Barcroft Station when a real spring storm hit - it was at least 70 mph wind outside, and snowing like crazy, while I was sitting inside watching it all through that big front window.  Like an idiot I tried to get that old suburban to move a few days later, and got it stuck instead.  I did get the old Cat D6 going to push some of the snow around.

The year before, at about the same time (May), they were doing a high-altitude physiology experiment with some pro athletes at Barcroft.  They got stir crazy, and two of them tried to hike over White Mountain out to Boundary Peak and back.  Two days later, one of them came back with a broken arm, and she had to leave the experiment - both of them said it was terrible.  That was music to my ears - I got a ride up to Barcroft with my bike, hiked out and back, and then rode back down to Crooked Creek station.  The wind was bad up on the ridge - it was blowing and blowing, and I felt like I was being freeze-dried.  I found one of those wonderful desert range cowboy camps along the way - got off the ridge, set my tent up behind a few Bristlecones, and honestly I think I was reading Proust at the time and listening to the wind whistle away.  It was a good night.  When I got back, I was so windburned they said I looked like a tomato.

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