Friday, March 27, 2009

Heavy Hiking

I got interested in doing a few sections of the Continental Divide Trail this summer, and wrote Johnathan Ley for his great maps. He wrote back that he saw me hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 1999 with a camp chair and thought it seeed "excessive" (but comfortable). Back then, I could bang out long days with my little chair (it really only weighed a few ounces), free-standing tent, a few books, etc. This made some sense as I really enjoyed doing long stretches on the trail (Muir Trail with no break, for example). I really pared down for shorter trips, like the Long Trail, but still use pretty much the same stuff. A lot of the lightweight guys looked really sleep-deprived. But if I'm not going out for long, why not go a bit lighter? Sounds fun. This blog won't really be about hiking, but other random stuff as well.

Going lightweight reminds me of ultrarunning, and ultrarunning reminds me of my favorite running pack, the Angeles Pack Co. Race Pack. Although I couldn't always even tolerate that thing and would just carry two of those strappy handheld water bottles (good arm workout).

By the way, those maps are amazing!

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