Friday, June 26, 2009

Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day came and went. Certainly a day we all face with mixed emotions. It's nice to see everyone out riding to work, but it's a bit confusing to see a huge mob of people on the Cherry Creek bike route. Assuming everyone lives within reasonable biking distance to work (and didn't drive within a short distance of downtown and then bike the rest of the way) why only bike on Bike to Work day? Are they biking for the free bagels? Environmental guilt? Have to wear a suit every other day?

Worse is the nearly empty bike rack the next day. I bike to work because it's enjoyable -- outside, moving, and I hate sitting in the car. I assume it's enjoyable for other people, but the experience of Bike to Work day seems to convince relatively few people to switch.

Ironically, Bike to Work Day 2009 was the first time an SUV commuter yelled at me for riding a bike. As if to prove my theory Denver drivers are a cut above, he had Pennsylvania plates. I was riding up 17th St. and he brushed past me yelling "LOOK OUT!" Silly thing to yell. Look out because I might ding your H2 as you crush me? After he passed, the calm sea of Colorado-plated vehicles resumed passing me with generous room.

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