Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best and Worst of Colorado

After spitting rain and snow all last weekend, it was in the 80's today. We spent both days outside. Today it was ski in the morning, bike/parks in the afternoon. I made a short video of a top-to-bottom at Loveland:

Loveland has reasonably priced day-care, and so Catherine and I were able to ski together for an hour (Will-J not quite ready to downhill ski or snowboard at 2 1/2). Interestingly, we were the only people in Colorado to have this idea - Will-J had the day-care staff person to himself.

The snow was surprisingly good - typical groomer stuff, but nothing horrible. The CU ski team was making poseur carvy turns all over the place, but that was the only negative. Will-J didn't understand the ski thing at first until he watched me make a few turns. Then he was mad he wasn't skiing and wanted to keep playing in the snow.

Then we went to Wash Park and Will-J ran all over until finally he couldn't take any more and said enough, time for sleep. Big fun - I think he'll have good dreams tonight.


On the other end of the spectrum, we took turns riding to a friend's party in Erie (I rode there and Catherine rode back - Will-J also not up for a 50-mile ride just yet) on Saturday. A ride through an endless miasma of strip malls, thrown-up housing, etc. Yes it's just like The Valley. Yes, we could have done it differently here. And according to pretty much every study out there, it's only getting started. And FasTracks is such a mess there probably won't be a train to any of it - can you say I-25 gridlock?

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