Monday, October 5, 2009

Colorado Trail - thoughts

The CT reminded me why I go “out there,” and also why I don’t. It was fantastic to be back out on the trail, especially so when after a few days I could jump in the car and go back home. It had been a long time since I had done any significant backpacking. When I left the PCT in 1999, I really left – I hadn’t done a long-miles (for me) point-to-point backpack longer than three days in a few years. After trying it again, I quickly remembered why. After a few days or so of long miles, the images and place names start to blur and I become a walking machine. The trail quickly devolves into a litany of setting up, packing up, big hills, and town breaks – see most trail journals. Doing the CT in sections helped me avoid this. I could spend two or three days intensely experiencing the wilderness and then come home for a week or longer to internalize.

I can certainly picture doing some long hikes again with intentionality. For example, I’d love to do the AT with Will-J if he wants when he gets older. The Arizona Trail would be great because I don’t know much about that area and would like to see more of it. Also, I never really got tired of climbing-oriented trips, and after seeing some of these areas, I'd like to get out for a few of those.

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