Tuesday, January 26, 2010

St. Marks Coffee House - telling it like it is.

A few signs recently posted at my favorite coffee shop:

"Nifty new glossy Mag or zine or other cool journal you wish to distribute...?... Please put your stack directly in the recycle Bin 'n' SAVE us the ENERGY. (P.S. We don't want it) Eric"

"WELCOME BACK Students. LEARNERS AND FUTURE WORLD LEADERS... WAY TO BE ON TOP OF YOUR STUDIES. REMEMBER That, unlke your university library, we are not FUNDED BY THE STATE, or tuition. THERE-FORE YOU MUST BOLDLY Do your part to keep this study House OPEN. (BUY SOMETHING often or FIND A LIBRARY! E)"

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catherinekleier said...

So much for the live and let live coffee house approach. Feeling a little snarky are we? Almost bordering on a bit of Fascism? I guess the poor economy is hitting St. Mark's hard - or not - no need to placate customers here.