Monday, July 26, 2010

Backpack with Will-J - Father Dyer/Crystal Peak

We took another short backpack with Will-J, this time to the Crystal Creek basin in the Tenmile Range. Photos here. You can Jeep there, but we took the Wheeler Trail and then about a mile on the road. Before going up there, Catherine worked at her Cucumber Gulch field sites and I took Will-J on the new Breckenridge gondola:

This was a fun moment with Will-J. He hopped onto this wondrous new thing to ride, but then realized he was stuck and what was it going to do, exactly? It started to move faster, and he had a look of combination wonder/fear/joy/excitement. Then he realized it was just a fun thing that takes you through the sky, and he laughed/squealed for the next 20 minutes. Big fun.

At Crystal Lake, we met some folks who had Jeeped up there for the day, and Will-J met a new friend, Darien:

Interesting how he pouted and fumed about walking in to the lake, but he then spent two hours running all over with this other boy.

In the morning I tried another little tour from the Colorado Scrambles book. This one was up a ridge of Father Dyer Peak:

Then over to Crystal Peak:

This one was relaxing/easy, despite the high elevations (Crystal is 13,8-something). The ridge up Father Dyer is generously rated Class 3; I would have said more like 2+. But I was feeling slow and it was a good way to wake the legs. Plus I had the mountain to myself - no one putting on a show like the last scramble.

And it always seems like when you get up high there's another interesting-looking peak for another day. In this case it was Pacific Peak:

When I got up to Father Dyer, there were some people over there whooping/yelling. As usual in Colorado, too many mountains and too little time.

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catherinekleier said...

That is a great picture of Will J.!!