Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rafting the Gunnison River - Escalante Canyon to Whitewater

We took Will-J on an overnight raft trip on the Gunnison River - we took on about a calm 30-mile chunk river from the Escalante Canyon Road to Whitewater (south of Grand Junction). The project was basically a tryout of our new ducky boat and to see whether Will-J would enjoy being trapped on the boat for extended periods. Our ride:

Happy Bug:

Success. The river is popular, but wasn't jammed. Will-J was relatively calm, and we were able to stop and let him run around a bit when he got restless. We camped at the outlet of the Dominguez Canyon Wilderness, had fun in the little rapids, etc. The highlight was floating silently amid the red rock canyons north of the wilderness area through little riffles. We did have a bit of frustration/excitement when some canoers offered a ride to Catherine to get back to our car, and then they ran out of gas. This only held us up a bit, and then we were back the car and heading home.

The trip was almost overshadowed by our big time at Taste of Colorado. While we were contemplating the overpriced rides, a family told us local radio station "Legendary Kool 105.1" (so legendary I've never heard of it) was giving out ride passes to kids. Soon Will-J was having the time of his life:

Then we stopped by the Kraft booth where he obtained free Macaroni and Cheese. At this point he was like, "Is this real? Such an awesome place actually exists?" Then I won 12 pounds of Dunkin' Donuts coffee by spinning a wheel. Quite a time.

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