Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bikes in China

The bike theft reminded me of a story from when I was living in China:

The first few days I was there, a bunch of the other students bought new bikes. A student would buy said nice new bike, would show up to class with the nice new bike, and then the nice new bike was gone. I didn't want to waste money on a bike. So I found out about a place - you go in the morning and tell them what kind of bike you want and then in the afternoon they have the bike. You pay them a little money and that's the end. I ended up with big-box-style mountain bike that had been quickly spray painted yellow and black, with the paint carrying off onto the components. It was the ugliest bike in the world. And it lasted. I had it for at least three months before it finally disappeared. I probably got 500 miles on that thing. Then I got a green spray painted one, and it lasted me until I left.

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