Monday, November 8, 2010

Good Weekend: Will-J's first ski!

I missed my friend Chris' 30th birthday backpack due to other commitments, but this left us some time to get Will-J outfitted with skis and to take him skiing for the first time. As with everything parenting (or everything generally), you can read about it all you want but there is no substitute for practice. I had been told that the kid's harness is no good, but in fact it is a lifesaver for one's back. Without the harness, I spent the morning crouched down in a deep snowplow guiding him around. We'll get the harness!

I am also interested in Will-J's general approach to new activities, which is that said new activity will be extremely easy. When he was trying to crawl, he would jet himself foward as if to fly. The same with walking. His approach to skiing was that he would point the skis down the hill and go. And certainly he would have gone - very quickly - but we were also trying to avoid tears, which we largely did. He certainly loved the chair lift rides.


I really enjoy skiing at Loveland. For a few weeks a year, Loveland is the center of the (American) ski universe as all the college racers come to set up courses and practice. I was pleased to see the St. Olaf College team - St. Olaf College is in the same town as Careleton College, where I went to undergrad, and I skied "against" them in races. Of course, I don't think I ever beat a skier from St. Olaf (unless he fell down) - their team was good, whereas we were (mostly) a bunch of amateurs.

On Sunday, I went back up to Loveland to do some laps on Chair 6, and it was typical beautiful early-season Colorado skiing - warm, relaxed, and uncrowded. The snow is surprsingly good. I watched as a front smashed into the range and the wind came sweeping in. Within 15 minutes it went from blue sky to threatening - I know how this goes. I hopped into the car and took off just as the snow started to fall. Big fun.

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