Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 photo publications

I joined the Arizona Trail Association this Spring to access their excellent maps and GPS waypoints for the trail. When I got hit with snow in the Rincons and dropped off the range in the wrong place, I used the waypoints to quickly and accurately find the trail again. This probably saved me a day or more of fuming/wandering up and down cactus-filled gullies. When I received the nice AZT brochure today, I opened it and a nice photo of the Southern terminus at milepost 102 caught my eye. Hey, those looked like my old Leki hiking poles.

In fact, they were my old Leki hiking poles. That was my photo, and they had a little photo credit on the side. Here's the picture - nothing special, but certainly the February dust-free sky is pretty. They probably should have asked me before reprinting the photo (although I'm not making a legal point here because, as always, this is a blog and not legal advice), but it's a nice egoboo to see my photo being used to depict the trail.

So it was a good year for photo pubs. I had a big spread in Trout Magazine (starts at p. 38), apparently a photo or two in the new Colorado Trail Guidebook (although I haven't seen it yet), interest from Backpacking Magazine, and now the AZT. It's nice to think that I get out to the places at least a few people like to look at.

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