Thursday, February 24, 2011

Davis Wiki - good times

I became (briefly) fascinated with Davis Wiki - it essentially recreates Davis in web form. More importantly for me, it preserves my brief life in Davis circa 1998. Hey, where was that smoothie place I used to go? Of course it was Green Planet, owned by Aaron Souza, and closed 1999 - and as we all know was killed off by a conspiracy by Jamba Juice.

What about the Mustard Seed, the place where I worked briefly before cooking at Soga's? It's still there, and incredibly, the owners are still yelling at the staff 13 years later. Soga's sadly lost its way, becoming an Indian place, and then a nu-Mexican sports bar, before going bankrupt and disappearing altogether last year. I wonder what they did with/thought about my Christmas cards after Matt Soga left?

Cafe/Espresso Roma is gone, too. I made a lunch menu for this place and hung out in a back office with some resident journalist anarchists. Interestingly, despite all the staff turnover noted in the Wiki entry, when I called in 2006 to complete my bar application, they remembered me and asked when I was coming back (?). I was pretty surprised as I had only worked there a few months.

And what was that good pastry place? Oh yeah the Konditorei - it's still there.

But most importantly, they've condemned The Domes! The Domes are a bizarre set of little fiberglass huts on campus - a forgotten exercise in futuristic living that became student housing. I used to run by there all the time and ponder why anyone considered those things a good idea.

I really liked Davis - my view was that it was composed of people who got kicked out of Berkeley for being too weird. It was incredibly hot much of the year, so much so that it forced everyone to slow down a bit. Plus there was incredible local produce.

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