Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The new law school - getting the message?

One of the little perks of having attended CU law (besides getting fundraising calls all the time - I'll never be lonely again) is getting library privileges forever. This is either incredibly valuable or demonstrates the true worth of most legal publications (?). I had a project I needed some background on, so I finally visited the new law school. It comes across as highly protective, almost castle-like. Here's the forbidding stone wall preventing invaders from the south:

Here is a turret protecting against invaders from the west:

There are also battlements on the second floor, apparently outside the very nice coffee shop. Trickiest of all are the false doors - I walked right up to these and pulled, but it's just a nice corporate-rustic lounge inside:

The actual entrance is around the corner. Certainly these were deliberate (and expensive) stylistic choices. I assume that the idea was that the new building was "exposed" on the edge of campus, and therefore required some enclosing elements. However, the feel is one of defensiveness or even isolation. In this market, maybe that's a good idea.

Once inside, I climbed the staircase through the odd pastel-colored walls to the gorgeous library.

And of course I checked out the dedication bricks. When they started the new building, the school gave students the option of forfeiting the $200 deposit we all made when we started as 1L's in lieu of engraved bricks installed at the (false) entrance. Some of these are pretty funny:

I really like there being a tribute to John Blutarsky outside the very fancy new school.

Some of them were a little desperate:

And some of them were just confusing:

And of course:

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