Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventures in Cycling: Road to Nowhere?

I was riding up 14th Ave., and the new bike lane in front of the former courthouse on Bannock caught my eye:

No, wait, the new bike lane:

Oh, that's pretty funny - but let me try again:

There it is! It looks pretty cool - of course it will lead to pedestrian/cyclist collisions (because it looks like a sidewalk) and there's a crazy suicide bike lane across the street that could have been avoided by making it a bi-directional lane:

But wait, where does it go? Currently it leads to Colfax, which may have well just have a skull and crossbones for cyclists, and up against traffic coming out of 14th St. So basically the only way to go is on the sidewalk east on Colfax:

Maybe this lane is part of a big cycling infrastructure project, but currently it's utility (but not its expense) is a mystery.

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