Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trouble in the Highlands - Competing Meetings

As you know (?), I've been following the slow progress of new apartment buildings at 32nd and Lowell for some time. There were zoning investigations, news of impending destruction, field trips to see the foundation test wells, etc. And slowly but surely the apartments may someday come to pass.

But what's this? I came home from work to find an incendiary flyer on my door.

Nefarious activities afoot! Dark forces coming to the crossroads to built "HIGH RISES." High rises? No public input? More importantly - free wine and cheese! I'm there!

And so on Tuesday we went over to Highlands Church.

There were two people, one a self-described "property developer," and one self-described "used to work for the developers" explaining that they really didn't want the new "towers." They weren't taking questions - a guy in scrubs tried to ask about the square footage, and one of the two told him to be quiet.

Really, not much happened. The developer one wanted a traffic study. The wine and cheese were good.

But in the course of things, I found out that there was another meeting held at the same time, in a different place (Highlands Event Center on Julian) by the West Highland Neighborhood Association. A meeting our Councilwoman attended. But there wasn't much talk of the new buildings, and certainly no reference to dark forces. A competing meeting! I've been had! I forgot that one can't be too careful in the land of the ugly duplex.

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